DJ Combo Cases / Racks

  • ADJ Pro Event Table

    ADJ Pro Event Table

    About This Product Designed as a professional alternative to folding banquet tables, the ADJ Pro Event Table is a compact and collapsible unit with a modern clean look. Not only is it lightweight and easily portable, but this cleverly-designed...
    MSRP: $649.99
    Price: $449.99


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  • Odyssey FRGS802

    Odyssey FRGS802

    FRGS802 Our FRGS802 features a sliding laptop platform mounted on a traditional case. At your gig, set your laptop on the carpeted surface, plug in and you're ready to go. Slide it forward to use your laptop. Slide it back to use the mixer section...
    MSRP: $399.99
    Price: $279.99


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  • Odyssey FZ1116W

    Odyssey FZ1116W

    FLIGHT ZONE® ATA COMBO RACK WITH WHEELS 11u Top Slanted Rack Spaces & 16u Bottom Vertical Rack Spaces Our ATA Combo Racks give you the best of both worlds. Mount mixers and controllers on top for convenient access and all other essentials below...
    MSRP: $619.99
    Price: $429.99


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  • Odyssey FZF5437T

    Odyssey FZF5437T

    FZF5437T FLIGHT ZONE® FOLD-OUT DJ TABLE STAND Showing off your gear and talent never looked better with Odyssey's Flight Zone® Series FZF5437T fold-out table stand. It's the perfect companion piece for the DJ who likes to go completely modular...
    MSRP: $319.99
    Price: $219.99


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