Graphic Lasers

  • X-Laser Skywriter HPX Tour

    X-Laser Skywriter HPX Tour

    Skywriter HPX Tour Our most powerful Skywriter model ever is also our most rugged, so the HPX Tour smoothly handles the rigors of the road, and also makes for a spectacular permanently installed lighting fixture. The HPX Tour boasts 5W of raw,...
    MSRP: $5,999.00
    Price: $4,500.00


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  • EZ-Variance Kit Online

    EZ-Variance Kit Online

    EZ Variance Kit Throughout the history of entertainment laser projectors, the FDA variance process has discouraged many from starting to use high powered lasers due to its complexity and long processing times. X-Laser’s exclusive EZ Variance...
    MSRP: $99.00
    Price: $49.00


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