Sound & Lighting Solutions Party Foam Concentrate Case

Sound & Lighting Solutions Party Foam Concentrate Case

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Product Description

Formulated for high output foam. 1 Gallon makes 50 gallons. Follow all directions as stated. Fill clean container

with fresh water up to 49 gallons. Hard water may effect foam output, add water softner if needed. Mix 1 gallon

of solution with water in container. Be sure to mix until clear. Be sure to have a rinse station and caution users

of the following:

Caution, surfaces may become slippery during and after use. After each use, be sure to rinse off skin and

clothing thoroughly, as foam may cause irritation  to some users. Do not Ingest product. If It Occurs, drink

large amounts of water, if solution gets in eyes, rinse with water. User assumes all risks. Seller makes no

warranty, expressed or implied, nor accept any responsibilitty for any direct or indirect consequential damage

because seller cannot control users handiling and/or effect of use. As with all concentrated foam products,

keep away from children.

40.00 LBS
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